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A Birthday Post to a very Special Boy

Okay..I just need to do this because I cant seem to focus on anything right now except for him. Idk how long this post will be, maybe short bcs im really sucks at expressing my feelings into words or maybe long; accompanied with a long-ass ranting n spazzing n flailing n whatnot.


The past few months that I started stanning u have been fun. You are such a talented boy, full of charm, and I'm so overwhelm of my feelings towards you.
I've only known you for a few months but I really feel like I've known you for so long.

Please keep on smiling, and make me smile. I am so proud of what you have achieved so far. I really hope there will be many opportunities for you in the future. To me, you shine the most among the crowd of Jrs.

Okay this has been a really mushy post but just one last word.. I love you. Thank you for being born. Thank you for always making me smile and feel all sort of feelings at the same time. I will continue to support and cheer you from afar. One day, I hope that I will be able to meet you. Until then, keep working hard to achieve your dream.

I wish that you will take care of your health, bcs its the most important thing after all. and eventhough you are kind of awkward n shy all the time, I still love you for that.

The way you dance so energetically, my eyes are drawn to you everytime you perform with other bunch of Jrs. I just love to see you dance, bcs its shown on your face that you are having so much fun while dancing.

Okay everything is so out of place already Idk anymore I'll just write what come out of my mind now.

I hope that you can build a good relationship with Machuku. I love seeing you guys as a combi and I hope both of you can grow closer and become the best buddies that understand each others. I wish that both of you will climb to the top together. Both of you are really fated for each other (to become a combi, I mean).🚢🚢

Okay I really dont know where this post will be leading I think should stop now. Once again, Happy Birthday Genta-kun I love you so much❤

Ps: There r tons of grammatical errors I just dont care anymore I just want to let out my feels.