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Graduation, and real life begins.

[Rant..rant]Phew, I havent posted anything since Gengen's bday (well, thats to be expected, I'm not really fond of blogging anyway). So yeah this year im finally graduating (on Nov) and it just hit me hard that I'm really an adult now. I'm still in the middle of job hunting and I seriously want to start working because being home all the time is super boring. Yeah I have a lot of time to fangirl now but even that bores me nowadays. I kept thinking, how will my life progress from this point. Because I honestly dont know how to adult. Can I even find a decent job and feed myself? Orz

So yeah Im kinda of depressed these few weeks I just want to sort out my life real fast and have a steady job and whatever.

Updates on fangirl life:
-I suddenly become obsessed with mangas omg like the one that I dont think I even like such as Shingeki no Kyojin & Tokyo Ghoul. Both are my favorite mangas TvT I love Kaneki-kun so much ♥
-I slipped into the diamond life Orz..I thought I finally left Kpop for good (except for Teen Top, bcs they hold a special place in my heart) but suddenly I encountered Seventeen and they kinda activate my kpop fangirl feels back now I start caring about Kpop again (ugh) but its okay I encountered 13 wonderful boys and so far I have no regrets getting into the fandom.

Okay, so long. Bye.