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[sticky post] Hello

I just realized I never made an introduction post for my LJ so here we go. Name is ira, 92 liner from Malaysia.
My interests are:
-Johnny's idol especially Hey!Say!JUMP. But I'm also a fan of Sexy Zone and Johnny's Jr.
Fav JUMP member is Yamada Ryosuke, he is so perfect, my ideal type :3
Fav SZ member: Nakajima Kento. I love him, but not his personality XD
Fav Johnny's Jr: MatsuMatsu (Matsuda Genta & Matsukura Kaito), Abe Aran
Fav Arashi member: Ohno Satoshi
Fav Kisumai member: Fujigaya Taisuke

-Manga. My most fav manga is Tokyo Ghoul & Tokyo Ghoul :re. Others are: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Noragami, Boku dake ga Inai Machi, Shingeki no Kyojin, Kimi ni Todoke, Ao Haru Ride, Orange etc.

-Anime: Tokyo Ghoul, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Noragami, SnK, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, OreImo, Boku dake ga inai Machi, Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou, Kimi ni Todoke, Ao Haru Ride, and the list goes on~~

-Kpop: Teen Top & Seventeen. I was a huge kpop fan back then, but not so much anymore XD

-The Vampire Diaries (Delena FTW!)

I will edit this post later when I have time~ Jyaa.