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Update on my life

I just started working last month. So I am working in a lab, and it was great. I love the job, eventhough its tiring as hell. I worked 12 hours a day for 4 days. And I got 2 rest days. So I am writing this post on my rest day XD
The only thing tough about my job is maybe the fact that most of my co-workers are men. I love male idols & anime characters, but not real life men haha. So its a bit hard but I figured if I act usual no one will notice that I am actually really bad (scared, even) with boys. And I tried so hard to conceal myself in front of others. Idk how will they react if they found out that I am otaku af hahaha because I looked like a proper lady on the outside, but actually a fangirl & otaku inside hahahahaha. I will try hard to hide this part of me from my co-workers. So that's that. Oh, my fangirling time has also reduced tremendously. I barely had time to fangirl, watch animes and read mangas T______T. But I still watch them. It's hard but I can manage XD

I think thats all for today. Jyaa~