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[sticky post] Hello

I just realized I never made an introduction post for my LJ so here we go. Name is ira, 92 liner from Malaysia.
My interests are:
-Johnny's idol especially Hey!Say!JUMP. But I'm also a fan of Sexy Zone and Johnny's Jr.
Fav JUMP member is Yamada Ryosuke, he is so perfect, my ideal type :3
Fav SZ member: Nakajima Kento. I love him, but not his personality XD
Fav Johnny's Jr: MatsuMatsu (Matsuda Genta & Matsukura Kaito), Abe Aran
Fav Arashi member: Ohno Satoshi
Fav Kisumai member: Fujigaya Taisuke

-Manga. My most fav manga is Tokyo Ghoul & Tokyo Ghoul :re. Others are: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Noragami, Boku dake ga Inai Machi, Shingeki no Kyojin, Kimi ni Todoke, Ao Haru Ride, Orange etc.

-Anime: Tokyo Ghoul, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Noragami, SnK, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, OreImo, Boku dake ga inai Machi, Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou, Kimi ni Todoke, Ao Haru Ride, and the list goes on~~

-Kpop: Teen Top & Seventeen. I was a huge kpop fan back then, but not so much anymore XD

-The Vampire Diaries (Delena FTW!)

I will edit this post later when I have time~ Jyaa.

Update on my life

I just started working last month. So I am working in a lab, and it was great. I love the job, eventhough its tiring as hell. I worked 12 hours a day for 4 days. And I got 2 rest days. So I am writing this post on my rest day XD
The only thing tough about my job is maybe the fact that most of my co-workers are men. I love male idols & anime characters, but not real life men haha. So its a bit hard but I figured if I act usual no one will notice that I am actually really bad (scared, even) with boys. And I tried so hard to conceal myself in front of others. Idk how will they react if they found out that I am otaku af hahaha because I looked like a proper lady on the outside, but actually a fangirl & otaku inside hahahahaha. I will try hard to hide this part of me from my co-workers. So that's that. Oh, my fangirling time has also reduced tremendously. I barely had time to fangirl, watch animes and read mangas T______T. But I still watch them. It's hard but I can manage XD

I think thats all for today. Jyaa~


Graduation, and real life begins.

[Rant..rant]Phew, I havent posted anything since Gengen's bday (well, thats to be expected, I'm not really fond of blogging anyway). So yeah this year im finally graduating (on Nov) and it just hit me hard that I'm really an adult now. I'm still in the middle of job hunting and I seriously want to start working because being home all the time is super boring. Yeah I have a lot of time to fangirl now but even that bores me nowadays. I kept thinking, how will my life progress from this point. Because I honestly dont know how to adult. Can I even find a decent job and feed myself? Orz

So yeah Im kinda of depressed these few weeks I just want to sort out my life real fast and have a steady job and whatever.

Updates on fangirl life:
-I suddenly become obsessed with mangas omg like the one that I dont think I even like such as Shingeki no Kyojin & Tokyo Ghoul. Both are my favorite mangas TvT I love Kaneki-kun so much ♥
-I slipped into the diamond life Orz..I thought I finally left Kpop for good (except for Teen Top, bcs they hold a special place in my heart) but suddenly I encountered Seventeen and they kinda activate my kpop fangirl feels back now I start caring about Kpop again (ugh) but its okay I encountered 13 wonderful boys and so far I have no regrets getting into the fandom.

Okay, so long. Bye.


A Birthday Post to a very Special Boy

Okay..I just need to do this because I cant seem to focus on anything right now except for him. Idk how long this post will be, maybe short bcs im really sucks at expressing my feelings into words or maybe long; accompanied with a long-ass ranting n spazzing n flailing n whatnot.


Dont click this..Collapse )

Johnny's Jrs

oh well its been ages since i posted on LJ but anyway i just cant contain my feels anymore so i just need to let it all out. lately ive been getting into Johnny's Jrs. I used to watch Shokura back in the days when JUMP hosted the show. And I did recognize a few Jrs but Im not really into them. I only have a few Jrs that I like (such as Kishi Yuta, Yugo Kouchi, Genki, Yasui Kentaro etc). But I dont really take them seriously.

But, it started when i watched Shark Season 2 n i fell for Abe Aran. He's soooooooooooooo cute and playful and idk i just love him. So im thinking "hey, lets watch some Jrs shows, maybe i can see him there". So i started watching Gamushara. And i just fell for all the boys. They really worked hard for every tasks and performances assigned to them. One of the segment, "Gamushara MaruMaru" they are asked to do ridiculous things but they still done it without complaining much. And the other segment "One Shot Theatre J" or something, they were asked to learn new things for a month then performed it to the audience. And they worked so hard to achieve it. I rmb one ep where hokku, shintaro n another jr (dont rmb his name, sorry) did pole dancing performance. That was really really cool. No one expect men can pole-dancing too, right? XD

So yeah as u can see im supposed to watch this show bcs of Aran! but he only appeared in one ep (much to my disappointment) but fret not, there are so many cute and awesome Jrs that Ive been eyeing since I started watched the show. But bcs they are too many of them, so I can only point out a few names (im really bad with names. I can rmb faces easily, but names; NO). A few Jrs that caught my eyes are Kaito, Hanzawa Akatsuki (is that correct?), and a few others that i cannot rmb (T_T). But the lists are definitely growing. In a few weeks i believe I will learn all their names lol. Oh, and I've been seeing Genki in a new light. Genki is my fav Johnnys Jrs (before Aran existed LOL). I cant believe he's the shy type. And he whine alot too. But still, he can be serious when he want it. And his smile....kyaaaa. XD

Okay. I should end my rant post now. Idk..most of the Jrs are all younger than me so its kinda hurt stanning boys younger than u XD but im used to it now...I guess.

First entry of 2014! Whew

Wow I just realized I havent posted in my journal since foreverrrrr. I mean, its almost one year. Okay im not really fond of blogging and stuff (I did abandon my tumblr already) but i did use LJ for updates on my fandom and doramas. Okay.

2014. 3rd year in university. 22 years old. Can u feel me???????? I'm really old. So much responsibilities. I dont think I have enough time to fangirl anymore T_T I only had time on my sem break (like right now) and Im going crazy because I need to catch up with everything. T_T I really feel like quitting being a fangirl but i still love my dear boys very much T__T

Oh god Im so bad at this idek what to write anymore. Ok bye.


Here's fujigaya's performance on 6/2/13 shounen club.
the video is not that HQ though, coz i recorded it from my tv
he's so gorgeous <3

Download: here
password: fujigaya


yeah. finally its coming. >_< im on study week now n i think im quite lucky because my 1st paper will starts on the 2nd week of the final. so, i have 2 weeks to cover everything.
well let see, i have four papers this semester : HUBUNGAN ETNIK, CHEMICAL SAFETY MANAGEMENT, CALCULUS n PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. tough one. i need to do well.  (✖╭╮✖)

well i should stop ranting n get my ass off to study calculus now.
IRA, GANBATTE KUDASAI. do ur best! ✌(◠‿◠)

oh btw, im totally happy for JUMP's 2nd album!
Ganbatte JUMP! i'll be always rooting for u! 



Happy birthday Yamada Ryosuke.
orz im really bad at words n expressing my thoughts. so i'll just leave it like this.
I love you so much.
keep being flawless okay? 
Stay healthy and happy.
May ur height will increase some more LOL

lol just realized that most of my posts here (there's only 2, or 3 lol) r kinda depressing
but seriously, im not always in grumpy mood haha
/writing this at almost 4am in the morning idk why am i not sleeping yet
oh btw its already MAY! woohooo. welcome MAY!!
guess what, yamachan's birthday is coming up really soon! *excited fangirl is excited*
lol. i have tons of assignments need to be submitted this month too, as its the last month for the semester.
and the finals will be on June. one month left omg what am i doing here!!!!!!
good luck to myself \o/
okay i should stop. 
bye. oYAMAsumi nasai! xD