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Johnny's Jrs

oh well its been ages since i posted on LJ but anyway i just cant contain my feels anymore so i just need to let it all out. lately ive been getting into Johnny's Jrs. I used to watch Shokura back in the days when JUMP hosted the show. And I did recognize a few Jrs but Im not really into them. I only have a few Jrs that I like (such as Kishi Yuta, Yugo Kouchi, Genki, Yasui Kentaro etc). But I dont really take them seriously.

But, it started when i watched Shark Season 2 n i fell for Abe Aran. He's soooooooooooooo cute and playful and idk i just love him. So im thinking "hey, lets watch some Jrs shows, maybe i can see him there". So i started watching Gamushara. And i just fell for all the boys. They really worked hard for every tasks and performances assigned to them. One of the segment, "Gamushara MaruMaru" they are asked to do ridiculous things but they still done it without complaining much. And the other segment "One Shot Theatre J" or something, they were asked to learn new things for a month then performed it to the audience. And they worked so hard to achieve it. I rmb one ep where hokku, shintaro n another jr (dont rmb his name, sorry) did pole dancing performance. That was really really cool. No one expect men can pole-dancing too, right? XD

So yeah as u can see im supposed to watch this show bcs of Aran! but he only appeared in one ep (much to my disappointment) but fret not, there are so many cute and awesome Jrs that Ive been eyeing since I started watched the show. But bcs they are too many of them, so I can only point out a few names (im really bad with names. I can rmb faces easily, but names; NO). A few Jrs that caught my eyes are Kaito, Hanzawa Akatsuki (is that correct?), and a few others that i cannot rmb (T_T). But the lists are definitely growing. In a few weeks i believe I will learn all their names lol. Oh, and I've been seeing Genki in a new light. Genki is my fav Johnnys Jrs (before Aran existed LOL). I cant believe he's the shy type. And he whine alot too. But still, he can be serious when he want it. And his smile....kyaaaa. XD

Okay. I should end my rant post now. Idk..most of the Jrs are all younger than me so its kinda hurt stanning boys younger than u XD but im used to it now...I guess.