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sad me is sad

Being a fangirl is hard.
/i learnt this fact since 2008
oh god, money come to me.


Mar. 28th, 2012

couple days ago my lappy went off for no reason T__T
so i decided i need to repair it.
so send it to a shop.
then the man said its because of hardware problem. 
n it cost me RM250 to repair it. T__T my money
n worst of all, all my files r gone; songs, video etc
luckily i have some backup files in my twin's external hard disk.
but still.........

but ne, its okay. at least it is working properly now.
need to take care of this lappy more careful this time.



im so depressed today.
is doing my calculus tutorial.
gosh i want to continuously swearing on twittah but maybe my tlist will feel uncomfortable so i decided to rant here. (because no one will read this..)
everything is so fucking depressing now.
i feel like im going to have fever ;~;
oh god please make it easier for me.


first entry!
seriously idk what to write...

but yeah maybe a basic intro?
name is ira. malaysian. 19 (will turn 20 on sept. sobs)
what else? hmm..majoring in chemistry in a uni..
yama-chan is my ichiban.
oh but i love hongo kanata too.

ok thats all i think..